Various Bathroom Tiles to Export

The types of bathroom tiles including wall and floor ceramic tiles that are produced for export and are mainly sold in world markets are in a special position in terms of quality and can compete with similar foreign models. This group of products is produced and marketed by one of the largest and most reputable companies supplying this type of tiles. This type of tile has become world-famous as the best bathroom tile due to its unique quality characteristics and has occupied a large part of the global market sales of this product.

Various Bathroom  Tiles to Export

3 Factors to Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles

3 Factors to Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles

If you are one of those people who, in addition to the health and hygiene of your bathroom and toilet service, also pay special attention to the beauty of the environment and want to provide pure, very stylish, and standard tiles at the lowest possible cost, we suggest you Before going to the market, first get the necessary and sufficient information about this type of products so that you can have a desirable and satisfactory purchase.

Here are three of the most important things that should be paid special attention to and used as a criterion to determine the quality level and authenticity of products are briefly explained to you dear ones:

  1. At First, when choosing a tile color, pay special attention to the wide of the bathroom interior, which means that to cover the floor and walls of bathrooms that are wide, use dark or light matte tiles. Make it look cozy and warmer there, while for small bathrooms, you should use bright glossy tiles to make the bathroom look brighter and more inviting.
  2. Another point that should be taken into account when buying tiles is that products that are of high quality have a standard and balanced thickness and have checkered protrusions on the inside, which makes the tiles look good when used in the building Cling and fasten in place; This makes it not over time and due to being in the vicinity of water with different temperatures do not crack, which of course has a direct impact on the beauty of the bathroom.
  3. Dimensions and Precise angles of tiles are another points that are recognized by different people as the main indicator of product quality that makes them comfortable for use, so avoid buying products that have the Curvature or paleness.

2 Main Tips Should Be Considered When Buying Tiles

2 Main Tips Should Be Considered When Buying Tiles

Since the bathroom tile is one of the most basic types of equipment that on the one hand creates an acceptable and desirable atmosphere for showering and repelling negative energies and on the other hand has a direct role in people’s health while bathing, it should have unique features that these capabilities create in them.

One of these features is having standard embossments or special grooves on the outer surface of the tile that prevents people from slipping and make it easier to walk or move in the wet bathroom; It should be noted that this feature is one of the most important criteria It is considered by people.

The types of tiles that are put up for sale by their production unit, which is one of the most well-known centers offering this type of products, has a standard mark along with the company brand name on its inner part, which is used as a birth certificate of the product is useful and is used by people to distinguish the original products from similar existing samples.

Premium bathroom tiles are also embedded in suitable packages, in each of which a certain number of tiles, which are usually six, are placed, so that they are easier to transport and move, and people know that How much of the product should they.

Of course, these types of products have very reasonable and unbelievable prices.

Premium Bathroom Tiles Wholesale

Our good news to those applicants who intend to buy the best and newest models of first-class bathroom tiles in bulk and in stores is that the production unit of this type of products has offered them in bulk and at the lowest possible price, that In this way, each of the esteemed applicants is can, according to their economic power, achieve the desired amount of this type of tiles and take full advantage of their beauty and very high quality.

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