High Quality Floor Ceramic Tile Suppliers

Iran is known as one of the largest producers of floor ceramic tiles in the region. Unparalleled reserves in various mines of the country, very low energy prices compared to other countries and support for domestic industrialists, have caused a significant increase in Iran’s production capacity in the field of high quality ceramic tiles and provide the basis for exporting this product to different countries. Reputable and large companies in Iran are active in the field of ceramic tile production, all of which have the necessary reputation and desirable quality. Floor ceramic tile suppliers produce the best type of ceramic tile with high quality and market they will send it.

High Quality Floor Ceramic Tile Suppliers

Observing 2 Essential Points to Install Floor Ceramic Tile

Observing 2 Essential Points to Install Floor Ceramic Tile Among the points that you should observe when installing floor tiles are the following.

1. Ensuring the strength of the worktop: Before installing the tiles, it is necessary to make sure that the worktop is durable, because if the desired bed does not have high strength and durability, it will cause noise in the foot in the long run and It can also cause cracks in the tiles.

۲. From cement in substructure: Before installing tiles and as substructure, it is necessary to use cement or similar material. Be careful not to use plywood to do this. The use of cement layer prevents the penetration of water and in other words has waterproof properties. Also, the use of cement reduces the possibility of deviation in the infrastructure space.

3. Ensuring the uniformity of the surface: At this stage, you must ensure the uniformity of the cement surface. This must be done at all stages of tile installation.

How Many Patternes Floor Tiles Are There?

How Many Patternes Floor Tiles Are There? Designs are different floor tile and is one of the most common types of flooring that can be found in the house because it is very practical for. There are different types of patterned and colored tiles with different designs and colors that use this type of tile in home decoration, walls, kitchen and different places of the house can give a special effect and beauty to that place.

With each passing year, the variety of colors and designs of ceramic tiles to meet the different tastes of customers is increasing. Patterned tiles include simple patterned tiles (in a variety of colors), tiles decorated with flowers and geometric patterns, or tiles that mimic the appearance of stone, natural wood, and parquet.

There are several options for choosing and buying patterned tiles: If you like traditional, crowded and impressive style, mosaic pattern tiles and geometric pattern tiles are good choices. Recently, the use of wood and stone floor ceramics for modern style has become very popular. Simple design floor ceramics are mostly used to implement a minimalist style, and finally, brick and cement design tiles or fabric and wallpaper design tiles are a great option for wall tiles.

How Many Patternes Floor Tiles Are There?

How Many Patternes Floor Tiles Are There? Floor ceramics have many advantages Perhaps the biggest advantage of such ceramics in the floor of the house is to show a larger space inside the house. That is why the first recommendation of designers to people who live in small houses is to use light-colored floor tile colors paint. Large ceramics not only make the environment of small houses tidy and clean, but also their rectangular and square shape draws attention to the end of the room and gives more space to the space inside the house.

By using patterned and colored tiles in the fireplace, it can be given a traditional and special atmosphere, also by using special and beautiful designs of this type of tiles in entrances, corridors and stairs, due to different and colorful designs, It created a carpet look and a fresh atmosphere in it. This type of patterned tile can also be used in many cases instead of ordinary carpets, rugs and ceramics.You can buy different types of ceramic floor tiles in different designs and colors from our store online.

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