Best motivation for Swimming Pool Tiles Exportation

We have been working in the field of production and distribution of Swimming Pool for many years and we try to improve the quality of our products every day than yesterday so that we can obtain your satisfaction and be one of your choices in this field. After years of effort, we have been able to reach global markets and strengthen our position in this highly competitive market. Our swimming pool tiles are made by the most specialized workforce and with the most up-to-date tools and are unique in design and quality. You can choose us for cooperation and have a pleasant business experience in this field.

Best motivation for Swimming Pool Tiles Exportation

Information Bank of Swimming Pool Tiles

Today, the construction of swimming pools in villa yards or gardens and even underground spaces of buildings are common. These pools can be in different dimensions and sizes. In general, some residential complexes may have their own pool depending on the capacity of their occupants. In addition, in the small space of bathrooms, some people try to build a small space with a shallow depth similar to fixed baths in which a person can easily stay afloat.

Pool tile is one of the quality tiles that differs from ordinary tiles is not absorbing water. Pool tiles are made of raw materials that are resistant to frost and can not be easily removed from the installation site.

Some of the most important features and specifications of pool tiles are:

  • Anti-slip: Since people walk on these tiles, they are in direct contact with them and it is not possible to maintain balance due to be floating, so it is necessary for the pool tiles to be non-slip.
  • High chemical resistance: Pool tiles, as mentioned, will create an acidic-alkaline environment that combines with a variety of chlorine and other substances in water, so they must have stable chemical properties.
  • Minimum water absorption coefficient: Due to the constant contact with water, it is necessary for the tiles to have a lower water absorption coefficient of the tile and something about 0.5% down. Water resistance of tiles is the first condition of pool tiles. The low water absorption coefficient strengthens the pool tile in an integrated and regular manner and prevents it from falling.

Importance of Exporting Swimming Pool Tiles

Today exporters of pool tiles as well to increase your sales market they have put their efforts into this the best and highest quality tiles made of good materials reach the supply and sale stage.

Due to the need of the international community for quality pool ceramic tiles, many centers have also produced and sold pool tiles in different designs and colors. Also, suppliers produce it in different sizes to satisfy the tastes of all customers, so the market and export of this product have flourished well.

Iran has a high potential in the production of pool tiles due to its raw materials. This has caused the country’s production to exceed demand; This is what drives exports. Currently, the country has the largest exports of tiles to Iraq and Afghanistan, including Pakistan and Georgia, a major share of which. This center has very good conditions for selling and exporting tiles to other countries.

Factors that Effect on Swimming Pool Tiles Price

Factors affecting the price of installing ceramic tiles for the pool One of the most important factors for using ceramic tiles is the installation of tiles and the use of work tiles. The price of installing ceramic tiles based on work experience, design and attention to detail, and delicacy of work may give you different bid prices.

In addition, other factors that affect the price can be called the time set for work, flowering or simplicity of the tile, the area used In general, the installation of ceramic tiles is done by agreement and it should be said that there is no specific standard in pricing and it starts from the minimum price. Our products are ready for sale and shipment, for more information please leave your contact information.

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